Our Mission is to Provide Our Community With the Best in Healthy Sexuality.

We believe that our relationships should be fun, fresh, and healthy. Great sex helps ourselves, our relationships, and our community. We do that by finding the newest, sexiest merchandise, providing healthy fun sexual information, and by supporting the community organizations that foster our mutual values.

Founded in 2007 as the former Ms. Kitty’s, Erotique is owned by Billy McWilliams. Mr. McWilliams managed Ms. Kitty’s, the former store in this location, for twenty years.

We’re professionals in sex and sexual activity,
able to discuss intimate details with aplomb.

Meet Our Experts

We have a wonderful professional staff at Erotique. We’re all nice and friendly, but most important, we’re informative and discrete. Each staff member has a specialty: Toys, bondage, or Lingerie, making up an excellent team that includes women and men, gay and straight.

Billy McWilliams

Billy, a seasoned expert, has worked in the industry since the 80’s and will tell you, “Nothing is weird.”

Natascha Quimby

Natascha is a beacon of information for any customer, whether it’s your first time in or you’re a regular.

Rio Gonzalez

Rio offers a positive outlook when giving advice on trying something new with kinky helpful tips.

A Friendly Adult Boutique, Enhance Your Life!